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CIIC 142. Aglish II (AN EAGLAIS), Co. Kerry.

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© COPYRIGHT, 2009 2013-07-19

© COPYRIGHT, 2009 2013-07-19

National Monuments Service Record Number: KE054-032004-

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Aglish church site (KE054-032001-) and graveyard (KE054-032002-). This is a probable early church site with 2 ogham stones (see also CIIC 141) and a bullaun discovered in the graveyard. No trace of a church survives. (Cuppage et al, 258).


`Grit' (Macalister 1945, 138). 0.90m x 0.25m (Cuppage et al, 258-9). As noted by Macalister (1945, 138-9, this stone is badly damaged: 'the dexter angle has been intentionally defaced, great flakes having been hammered off from it... Both ends of the stone are broken-off'. The 3d model of this stone is incomplete due to its partial inaccessibility in situ.


Inscription cut (not pocked) on two angles (Macalister 1945, 138). None of the vowels of Macalister's reading are clear. He also mentions 'distal ends of an N' on the dexter angle but there is no sign of theese on the 3d model, or indeed of the inital C of CELI, although this could now be below ground level. The single score on the H-side at the end of the inscription where the stone is broken at the top, could be the first score of a D, T, C or Q.


[ ... CE]L[I A]V[I V[U]Ḍ?̣


'... follower of the descendant of F?...'


  • All that survives of this inscription are the possible remains of two formula words (CELI 'companion, follower' and AVI 'grandson, descendant'), followed by the beginning of a personal name. This unusual comination of formula words is also found in an ogham inscription on a stone from Dromlohan, Co. Waterford (CIIC. 275).



Found by in the graveyard in the townland of Aglish, barony of Corkaguiney. (Publicly accessible. GPS coordinates, approximate location only -10.137728, 52.136060)


Find location probably original site

Last Recorded

Still in the graveyard, standing beside one of the tombs.

History of Recording

Found along with another ogham stone by Richard Hitchcock in the graveyard in this townland. The second stone from this site was presented to the Royal Irish Academy in 1848 by Bishop Graves (Macalister 1945, 137).


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