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Ardfert II, Co. Kerry

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National Monuments Service Record Number: KE020-046030-

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Probable early ecclesiastical site - Ard Ferta (Breanainn). Remains inside the walled burial ground include 'a cathedral building [St Brendan's] that can be dated variously from the 11th to the 17th century, based on a study of its architecture. There are two other churches on the site, a late 12th-century church called 'Templenahoe' and a 15th-century chapel called 'Templenagriffin''. It is also the site of a round tower, which fell during a storm in 1771, and two ogham stones (Moore, 2007, 11, 37-8).


0.86m x 0.23m x 0.15m (measurements taken from pdf of 3d data)


Badly damaged, some text surviving on two angles (up-down?), pocked in bold scores. Second C (or S if read up rather than down) strangely positioned towards the centre of the face, rather than using the natural edge as a stemline like the other surviving letters.


ỌC[  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣]/[  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣]GIC[  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣]





discovered incorporated in the fabric of the N wall of Templenagriffin chapel (Moore, 2007, 37) in the townland of Ardfert and barony of Clanmaurice. (GPS coordinates -9.782728, 52.328817)



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Currently housed on site in the restored Templenagriffin chapel. National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie. ,

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