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CIIC 162. Ballintaggart VIII (Baile an tSagairt), Co. Kerry

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'Conmac Uí Chuirb'


This is one of the inscriptions listed by McManus (1991, 93-4) to be among the earliest in the corpus showing no trace of vowel affection. It may be dated to the first half, or the early second half, of the fifth century (McManus 1991, 97).

In this inscription we have an example of a tribal or sept name introduced by the formula word AVI (Mod Ir. 'grandson/descendant of') and followed by the name of the ancestor of the kindred (McManus 1991, 111, 118-9), in this case Corb (possibly related to corbaid 'defiles' (McManus 1991, 107), cf. CIIC 38. Ballyboodan, Co. Kilkenny and CIIC 154. Ballinrannig, Co. Kerry, where it appears as a possessive genitive directly following CUNAMAQQI, without AVI or MAQI to express the relationship).

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