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CIIC 38. Ballyboodan, Co. Kilkenny

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CORḄỊ ḲOI MAQI LABRIḌ  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣


'of Corb here son of Labraid?'


The person commemorated here is Corb (possibly related to corbaid 'defiles' (McManus 1991, 107), cf. CIIC 154. Ballinrannig, Co. Kerry, where it is the second element in the name MAQQI-CORBBI and in CIIC 162. Ballintaggart VIII, Co. Kerry, where it is the name of the ancestor of the kindred, forming part of the sept name introduced by the formula word AVI (Mod Ir. Uí Chuirb 'grandson/descendant of Corb').

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