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CIIC 172. Ballywiheen (BAILE AN BHOITHÍN), Co. Kerry

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'of Toicthech son of Sáraid?'


In this inscription we appear to have an example of an 'erroneous...addition of a single score' with SAGARETTOS for expected SAGRETTOS (Sáraid?) (McManus 1991, 7, 108).

According to McManus (1991, 84) the name TOGITTACC was formed from the word for 'good luck' with an adjectival suffix -ākos. The spelling of TOGITTACC (for an expected TOGETTACC[I]) may reflect the falling together of unstressed /e/ and /i/ prior to syncope (McManus 1991, 82, 118).

This inscription may be dated to the first half of the sixth century based on the preservation of -OS (though now lost) in SAGARETTOS and the loss of -I in TOGITTACC (McManus 1991, 94, 97).

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