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CIIC 50. Boleycarrigeen, Co. Wicklow

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© Stephen McCullagh 2010-10-18
© Stephen McCullagh 2010-10-18

National Monuments Service Record Number: WI027-038002-

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Known as Crossoona Rath. 'Situated on a marked SE-facing slope in forestry. Roughly circular area (dims. 61m E-W; 70m N-S) defined by an earth and stone bank (Wth 3m; int. H 0.9-1.5m) and external fosse (Wth 3.8-4.5m; D 1-1.5m) with an outer bank (Wth 2m; H 1m) at the S. A low stone bank extending E-W divides the site in half; the S portion of the interior is higher than the surrounding ground. No indication of an entrance. There are foundations of two drystone structures (dims. 5m x 5m, and 4m x 5m) in the NW quadrant. To the N of these there is a D-shaped area defined by a steep scarp (H 0.8-1m) topped with a stone bank and a smaller rectangular area also defined by a stone bank' (Grogan and Kilfeather 1997, 51). Ogham stone located in internal bank.


'tapering pillar-stone' (Macalister 1945, 54). 0.76m x 0.30m x 0.28m


up on one angle


'of Foth?'


  • An o in Ogham may be short or long, so the form could be genitive of a personal name VŎTAS or VŌTAS. The former would correspond to an Old Irish o-stem Foth, and the latter to an Old Irish o-stem Fúath (earlier Fóth). No such names have been identified in manuscript sources. The Latin personal name Votus is rare, and not attested in Irish contexts.



Discovered by Mr. L. Price in the rampart of the ring-fort, on the southeast slope of Kilranelagh hill, in the townland called Crossoona, barony of Upper Talbotstown (Macalister 1945, 54). (GPS coordinates -6.613903,52.944176)



Last recorded

The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie.

History of Recording

First mentioned, 1945 Price, L. (Macalister 1945, 54); (Corlett and Weaver 2002, 114)


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