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CIIC 47. Castletimon, Co. Wicklow

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© 2016-08-06

© 2016-08-06

National Monuments Service Record Number: WI036-010----

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Lying in a niche at the side of the road overlooking the Potter's River valley and approximately 100 meters north-east of an early ecclesiastical site (Castletimon church and graveyard, WI036-009001-) (Grogan and Kilfeather 1997, no. 1006).


National Monument in state guardianship No. 304. Granite slab, 1.50m x 0.48m x 0.25m (converted from Macalister 1945, 51). There is a depression at the flat end of the stone which has the appearance of the mortise half of a mortise and tenon joint.


The inscription is cut (up-top) on the rounded angle and is 'quite clear, though worn, owing to the stone being used as a seat by weary wayfarers' (Macalister 1945, 51). There appears to be a slight space between the -I of NETA-CARI and the N of the following name.




'of Nad Cair of Nad Caige (?)'


  • NET(T)A 'champion' (later falling together with NIOT(T)A 'sister's son' when both became Nad-) is frequently found as an element in personal/kin group names (eg. NETA-SEGAMONAS on CIIC 263. Ardmore I and CIIC 300. Island). In this case, the NETA spelling would suggest the word meaning 'champion', rather than NIOT(T)A, which can be used alone as a formula word meaning 'sister's son' (cf. CIIC 252. Gurrane, Co. Kerry).



Lying by the roadside near Brittas Bay in the townland of Castletimon, barony of Arklow. (GPS coordinates -6.071241, 52.904532)


Find location probably original site

Last recorded

Still at the find site. The location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie.

History of Recording

Inscription identified by J.C. Toumey in 1854. Known locally as 'the Giant's Stone'.


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