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CIIC 230. Cloghanecarhan, Co. Kerry

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'of Ec..án? son of Mac-Cáirthinn'


Macalister (1945, 224) noted that 'the last name [CARATTINN] is possibly that of the eponymus of the townland'. Logainm.ie gives the Irish version of the townland name (Cloghanecarhan) as Clochán Cárthainn. The same name, in an earlier pre-apocope form (MAQI-CAIRATINI), appears on an ogham stone from Painestown, Co Meath (CIIC 40). MAQI- (gen. of MAQ(Q)AS), as a first element meaning 'devotee' or the like, rather than 'son' and cáerthann 'rowan tree' as the second (McManus 1991, 108-9).

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