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CIIC 15. Clonmore, Co. Carlow

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© Nora White 2010-03-26
© Nora White 2010-03-26

National Monuments Service Record Number: CW009-028021-

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Cluain Mór Áeda is an early ecclesiastical site associated with St M'Áedóc. Remains include: graveyard, 2 large granite solid-wheeled crosses, 19 cross-inscribed stones, holy well and 2 bullaun stones (Brindley and Kilfeather 1993, 54-5). The ogham stone, located in the graveyard beside the grave of a certain W. Murphy, is not mentioned in the Archaeolgical Inventory of Co. Carlow.


'Probably of granite', (0.78m x 0.30m x 0.22m). Harbison (1991, 185) mentions 'faint traces of a ringed cross in relief on the west face' but not discernible on the stone or on the 3D model. Possibility of second Ogham stone, now lost, also noted by Harbison (1991, 185).


'Faint traces of Ogham lettering on the SE angle ... much worn and clogged with lichen'. '[The first two strokes of] R are lost by the fracture, and the I is broken and hard to recognise'. (Macalister 1945, 18). With the naked eye alone it is difficult to be certain that any inscription survives today. On the 3D model it is possible to make out faint traces of ogham. The 3D data was analysed by Dr Thierry Daubos of the Protecting the Inscribed Stones of Ireland project in Galway in an attempt to clarify the text (3D Analysis). Unfortunately, the scores and notches are too worn for any certainty except to confirm the presence of an ogham inscription. Macalister's E is possible but the N may be an S and his final I looks more like a consonant, possibly C, with scores to the left of the stemline. Nevertheless, Macalister's reading is given below as certainty is no longer achievable and it is possible that the inscription was less worn when he read it.



  • Macalister (1945, 18) suggests that his reading RENI may be the end of a name such as MAQI-TRENI (cf. 86. Ballyknock V and in Wales: 341. Llywell and 428. Cillgerran).



In graveyard of early ecclesiastical site in townland of Glebe and barony of Rathvilly (Brindley and Kilfeather 1993, 54-5). (GPS coordinates -6.570066,52.827385)



Last recorded

On site. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie.

History of Recording

first noted in 1940 by Eddie McDonald (Harbison 1991, 185) with possibility of second ogham stone now lost. Noted, sketched and read by Macalister (1945, 18).


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