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CIIC 175. Burnham West (BAILE AN GHÓILÍN), Co. Kerry

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'Of Mac-Erce son of the descendant of Duibne'


The loss of final -S in DOVINIA and probably MAQQI-ERCCIA suggests dating this inscription to the first half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 95, 97).

MAQ(Q)I- (gen. of MAQQAS), as a first element meaning 'devotee' or the like, rather than 'son', and Erc? (a divine name) 'heaven' or 'cow'? (McManus 1991, 107, 108-9).

cp. CIIC 125. Rooves More II, Cork (MAQI-ERCIAS MAQI VALAMNI); CIIC 169. Ballyeightragh, Kerry (MAQI-LIAG MAQI-ERCA); CIIC 178 Coomeenole, Kerry (ERC MAQI MAQI-ERCIAS MU DOVINIA); CIIC 205. Derrygariff, Kerry (S ... BNAG M[AQQ]I-RC̣IA ); CIIC 262. Seemochuda, Waterford (ERCAGNI MAQ[I-ERCIAS]).

All but one of the inscriptions containing the tribal name DOVINIAS ('of Duibne') have been found on the Dingle peninsula, barony of Corkaguiney (Corcu Duibne), which got its name from that tribe or sept (McManus 1991, 111).

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