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CIIC 200. Coolmagort IV, Co. Kerry

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'of Mac-Táil son of Fuirg descendant of Toicacas?'


As noted by others, including McManus (1991, 53, 112), three of the seven stones at this site appear to commemorate members of the kin group of *Toicacas (see also TOICAKI on CIIC 197 and TOICACI on CIIC 198). This name has been equated by MacNeill (1911, 69, n.1.) with the population known as Tóecraige.

Mahon (1990, 13) has convincingly suggested an identification for three of the names of the descendants of *Toicacas occurring on stones CIIC 197 and 198 to be found 'at the head of the Rawlinson B.502 genealogy for the Glasraige'.

The lack of a final -I in MAQI-TTAL[I] (later Mac-Táil, Latinised Mactaleus, tál 'adze') and TOICAC[I] (compare CIIC 197 and CIIC 198 with final -I still present) suggests that this inscription postdates apocope. However, case endings are in tact in VORGOS and MUCOI (McManus 1991, 109, 82). Therefore, this inscription best fits the category dating to the first half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 94, 97).

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