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CIIC 202. Coolmagort VI, Co. Kerry

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'of Nad-Froích son of ?-án'


NET(T)A or NIOT(T)A (later Nad- 'sister's son, champion') is frequently found as an element in personal/kin group names (eg. NETA-SEGAMONAS on CIIC 263. Ardmore I and CIIC 300. Island). Here we have one of only two forms attested with the -IO- vocalism (see CIIC 252. for the other). The second element of the name -VRECC is probably OIr. Fróech, fróech 'heather' (Cf. CIIC 12. Rathcroghan I). The same name appears on CIIC 271. (NETA-VROQI) at Stradbally, Co. Waterford and on CIIC 26. (NETTA-VRECC), Donaghmore, Co. Kildare and 'all may be variants of an expected *NETA(S)-VROIC(I)' McManus (1991, 110).

Although a possible -AGNI ending in the last name looks early (later -ANN, OIr. -án), the first name appears to have already undergone apocope (with loss of -I) and syncope (with loss of -A of the first element), which would indicate a later date.

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