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CIIC 203. Coolmagort VII, Co. Kerry

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'of Mac-Deichet son of ...'


There is much variation in the spelling of the name MAQI-DECEDA, which occurs quite frequently in ogham inscriptions (CIIC 20. Colbinstown II, Kildare (MAQI-DDEC[CEDA] MAQI MARIN), CIIC 159. Ballintaggart, Kerry (MAQI-DECCeDA MAqi GLASICONAS), CIIC 184. Gortnagullenagh, Kerry (MAQQI-DECEDDA MAQQI CATUVIR), CIIC 66. Faunkill and the Woods, Cork (MAQI-DECCEDDAS AVI TURANIAS, the earliest with the final consonant still in tact). This is the only example of the name that does not display doubling of consonants (Macalister 1945, 198).

Apocope (loss of final consonants or syllables) is evident here in MAQI-DECEDA (earlier -AS), cp. CIIC 66. Faunkill and the Woods, Cork: MAQI-DECCEDDAS). Consequently it may be approximately dated to the first half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 97).

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