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CIIC 241. Kilbonane, Co. Kerry

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Dexter angle: B[AID(?)]AGNỊ ṂAQ̣I ADDỊLONA
Sinister angle: NAGỤN[I(?)] M[U(?)]C̣[O(?)] B[AI(?)]D[A]N[I(?)]


'of Báetán son of A.'


MacNeill (1931, 51) sugested an identification of ADDILONA with a mid-sixth-century Siadliu, son of Ferb and greatgrandfather of Mo Chutu. However, McManus (1991, 172, note 25) pointed out that 'the Kilbonane stone (241) presents a number of difficulties which MacNeill attempted to solve in his discussion ... Bergin (1932, 107-11) rejected most of MacNeill's proposals including his explanation of ADDILONA, pointing out that *Saidliu is a phantom, the correct form of the name, in the genitive, being Saiglenn with -g- not -d-. The loss of an initial S on the inscription would be exceptional'.

In Macalister's view (1945, 237), 'the only reasonable interpretation for this inscription [on the face of the stone] so far offered is that of Prof. MacNeill (1931, 53) (who reads the cryptical letters ABBA - Ni raba amne dagni essi conidd ala amit Baidagni: `let it not be thus he makes it, but let him compose it thus, `Baidagni''. This interpretation was also rejected by Bergin (1932, 110) (see Gippert, CIIC 241, for details of these discussions).

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