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CIIC 66. Faunkill and the Woods, Co. Cork

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'of Mac-Deichet Uí Thorna'


There is much variation in the spelling of the name MAQI-DECCEDDAS but this is the only example surviving with the final consonant in tact and may be dated to the first half, or the early second half, of the fifth century (McManus 1991, 93, 97). See also CIIC 20. Colbinstown II, Kildare (MAQI-DDEC[CEDA] MAQI MARIN), CIIC 159. Ballintaggart, Kerry (MAQI-DECCeDA MAqi GLASICONAS), CIIC 184. Gortnagullenagh, Kerry (MAQQI-DECEDDA MAQQI CATUVIR), CIIC 203. Coolmagort, Kerry (MAQI-DECEDA MAq  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣).

The tribal/sept name TURANIAS may refer to the Uí Thorna 'who may originally have been the leading group among the Cíarraige, [and who] occupied the territory between Slíab Lúachra and the sea', although this stone is in the barony of Bear in Co. Cork (McManus 1991, 112).

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