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CIIC 31. Fiddaun_Upper, Co. Kilkenny

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DRUG̣[NO] ṂẠQ[I]/ M[U]C̣OỊ   ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣ṆAMỊ


'of Drón son of the descendant of...'


Macalister (1940, 93) suggested that 'the name DRUGNO is identical with that of the family of Uí Dróna, whose territory (the Carlow baronies of Idrone) extend to within seven miles of the site of the stone' (see also (McManus 1991, 179, n.34). This name is also found in inscription CIIC 167: DROGNO (Ballyandreen, Co. Kerry) and also possibly in CIIC 165: [D]ROGNO (Ballintermon, Co. Kerry).

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