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CIIC 57. Greenhill I, Co. Cork

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'of Trén/Trian son of the descendant of Creth? (Crothrige?)'


A genitive TRENI (OI o-stem Trén) might be expected here, as in MAQI-TRENI (CIIC 86. Ballyknock V and in Wales: 341. Llywell and 428. Cillgerran). However, McManus (1991, 179, note 35) notes that 'MacNeill (1909, 361) compares the MS gen. Tréno, Tréna and suggests reading TRENO, which is possible'. The retention of the -I in QRITTI would suggest dating this inscription to the first half of the sixth century.

cp. CIIC 146. Ballineanig, Co. Kerry: LỤGỤQṚỊT MAQ̣Ị QRITTỊ. Also, 68. Kilcaskan, Cork (LUGUQRIT ... LONAS); ?207. Kilcoolaght II, Kerry ( ... ]ECC MAQI L[UGUQ]RRIT).

Labialised guttural /k\w// preserved in QRITTI, related to cruth 'form' (McManus 1991, 121).

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