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CIIC 57. Greenhill I, Co. Cork

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© COPYRIGHT, 2009 2013-08-07

© COPYRIGHT, 2009 2013-08-07

National Monuments Service Record Number: CO042-049002-

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'In pasture, with extensive view to S' (Power 1992, 168). A second ogham stone (Greenhill II) lies c. 40m to N on other side of field fence. The immediate area around both stones was excavated in 1985 'to facilitate the installation of cattle grids' with no significant finds. However 'the curving east and south boundaries of the field here are possibly of an ancient elongated oval enclosure' (Manning 2000, 107, 112).


2.60m x 0.72m x 0.35m (Manning 2000, 109). This large ogham stone tapers to a point at the top and is leaning to the E. It is surrounded by a cattle grid and heavily covered in places with lichen.


Inscribed on SE angle, up. 'Inscription weathered and defaced by cattle rubbing and hone scores' (Power 1992, 168). These 'hone scores' or long narrow cuts in the stone are not unlike those found on the ogham stones at CIIC 206. Kilcoolaght East I, Co. Kerry; Ratass, Co. Kerry; Church Island, Co. Kerry; CIIC 19. Colbinstown I, Co. Kildare and CIIC 35. Tullaherin, Co. Kilkenny (see Newman 2009, 433-4).

On inspection of the 3d data, some of the ogham scores and notches are now lost (MA of MAQI) or unclear (I of MAQI, R and U of TRENU) due to wear, lichen and damage. It is now impossible to be sure of the intended final vowel in Macalister's TRENU as the notches are very worn. Two can be just about made out on the 3d model (which would give an O) but there would be space for three (giving a U).




'of Trén/Trian son of the descendant of Creth? (Crothrige?)'


  • A genitive TRENI (OI o-stem Trén) might be expected here, as in MAQI-TRENI (CIIC 86. Ballyknock V and in Wales: 341. Llywell and 428. Cillgerran). However, McManus (1991, 179, note 35) notes that 'MacNeill (1909, 361) compares the MS gen. Tréno, Tréna and suggests reading TRENO, which is possible'. The retention of the -I in QRITTI would suggest dating this inscription to the first half of the sixth century.

  • cp. CIIC 146. Ballineanig, Co. Kerry: LỤGỤQṚỊT MAQ̣Ị QRITTỊ. Also, 68. Kilcaskan, Cork (LUGUQRIT [ ... ] LONAS); ?207. Kilcoolaght II, Kerry ( [ ... ]]ECC MAQI L[UGUQ]RRIT).

  • Labialised guttural /kw/ preserved in QRITTI, related to cruth 'form' (McManus 1991, 121).



in a field in Greenhill townland, barony of Barretts. (GPS coordinates -8.606844, 52.077595)


Find location probably original site

Last recorded

On find site at Greenhill. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie.

History of Recording

First mentioned by Brash 1879 (Macalister 1945, 62).


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