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CIIC 58. Greenhill II, Co. Cork

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© COPYRIGHT, 2009 2013-08-07

© COPYRIGHT, 2009 2013-08-07

National Monuments Service Record Number: CO042-049001-

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'In pasture, with extensive view to S' (Power 1992, 168). A second ogham stone (Greenhill I) lies c. 40m to S on other side of field fence. The immediate area around both stones was excavated in 1985 'to facilitate the installation of cattle grids' with no significant finds. However 'the curving east and south boundaries of the field here are possibly of an ancient elongated oval enclosure' (Manning 2000, 107, 112).


1.54m 0.46m 0.36m (measurements taken from pdf of 3d data). Lower fragment of an ogham stone (Manning 2000, 109).


Inscription clear on one angle but incomplete.




'of Cathub [son of]'


  • This personal name contains one of the most commonly occurring elements found in ogham inscriptions CATU- (OI cath 'battle'). The EOI form of the name is Cathub, gen. Cathboth, later Cathbad ((McManus 1991, 102).

  • This is one of the inscriptions listed by McManus (1991, 93-4) to be among the earliest in the corpus showing no trace of vowel affection. It may be dated to the first half, or the early second half, of the fifth century (McManus 1991, 97).



buried in a field close to its present location Greenhill townland, barony of Barretts. (GPS coordinates -8.606904, 52.078037)


Find location probably original site

Last recorded

On find site at Greenhill. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie.

History of Recording

Discovered in 1906 by landowner (Buckley 1907, 116).


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