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Cloghabrody, Co. Kilkenny

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'of Fedelmid/Feidlimid descendant of Loígde grandson of Muinchú'


Regarding the first name, compare Knockmahon II, Co. Waterford: VEDILIMETO MAQI TOQITAQ and CIIC 206. Kilcoolaght I, Co. Kerry: [C]EDATTOQ[A] MAQI TELEDMEV... (read: VEDELMET[TO]). 'The name of the commemorand is undoubtedly an early form of Fedelmid/Feidlimid, an i-stem derivative of the female name Fedelm (Latinised and Anglicised Fidelma). The third E of VEDDELLEMETTO, therefore, may be erroneous (as Fedelm, Fedelmid cannot come from *Vedelm-, which would have given *Feidelm, with lenited m) [unless] we may have to do here with a svarabhakti vowel' (McManus 1991, 75, n 6. 28).

MUCI is presumably an error for MUCOI rather than MAQI/MACI and 'the O of LOGIDDEAS might be taken as a variant of the dipthong OI and the equation with the Corcu Loígde would suggest itself' (McManus 1991, 73-4). The sept name AVVI MUNICONNA (*Ui Muinchon?) does not appear to be attested elsewhere. McManus (1991, 75) suggests that 'one might consider the possibility that the N is an error for R (cp. Muirchú)'.

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