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CIIC 186. Kilfountain (CILL FHIONTAIN), Co. Kerry

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Ogham:   ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣EQỌDD[I   ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣
Half-uncial: [SCI] F̣INTEN



What little remains of the ogham inscription would appear to correspond with another possible personal name on CIIC 129. Cooldorragha, Co. Cork (VEQOANAI MAQI EQOD[...) (Macalister 1945, 127-8). EQODD[I] ech 'horse'? (McManus 1991, 122).

'The spelling Finten for the later Fintan is consevative and implies a comparatively early date, perhaps seventh- or early eighth century... While it is possible that a later reading of the text may have inspired the dedication of Kilfountain/Cill Fionntain, it is more likely that the text is a dedicatory one, recording the donation or dedication of the site to the eponymous saint, although to which of the many St Fintans is not known'. A comparable case would be the stone probably inscribed SCI BRECANI, also in half-uncial, at Kilbrecan, Aran Mór (Okasha and Forsyth 2001, 163-4).

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