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CIIC 292. Knockboy I, Co. Waterford

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  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣ER[A]T[I] M[U]C[OI] NETA-S/[EGAM]ONAS


'...? descendant of Nad-Segamon'


The kindred or sept name NETA-SEGAMONAS consists of the element Nad- 'sister's son, champion' and a personal name Segamon (McManus 1991, pp 109-10, 112). One theory is that this may be the Gaulish name Segomo (McManus 1991, 179 n. 46). It is noteworthy that a Nia-Segamon is listed in the historical sources as a prehistoric king of Cashel (Bhreathnach 2014, 43-4). The fact that MUCOI NETA-SEGAMONAS '(of) the descendant of Nad/Nia-Segamon' is also found on an ogham stone at nearby Ardmore I (CIIC. 263) and at Island (CIIC. 300) may suggest that this was a dynasty which controlled the area of west Waterford in the 5th century.

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