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CIIC 299. Knockboy VIII, Co. Waterford

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'of Mac-Mo-Guide* son of Mo-Ibaite*'(?)


The NG (three scores crossing the stemline diagonally) of MONGEDIAS is the later manuscript value for this consonant. However, as this 'is not a radical initial in Irish, no more than is the H of hÚath, and is not contained in the letter name itself [Gétal], it cannot be authentic' (McManus 1991, 21, 37-8). It occurs very rarely in the early monumental inscriptions and its original value remains unclear, although McManus (1988, 157-9) has suggested a Primitive Irish value /g\w//.

Neither of the personal names appear to be attested elsewhere but David Stifter (Ogam Advent Calendar on Twitter, 2021) has suggested Old Irish Mac-Mo-Guide* 'son-of-my-prayer' and Mo-Ibaite* 'my-drunken-one' (?).

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