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CIIC 36. Lamoge I, Co. Kilkenny

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SEVERRIṬ/  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣ MAQI]/ [RO]ṬṬAIS


'of Severus(?) son of [Roth(a)]'


The name of the person commemorated, SEVERRIT[..., may be related to the Latin name Severus, meaning 'strict, stern' (Ziegler 1994, 232, 91). Damage to the top of the stone makes the final letter(s) of this name unclear. We would also expect a formula word to follow, most commonly MAQI 'son of'.

On the second angle, only the end of the father's/ancestor's name survives: TTAIS. Macalister (1945, 277), noting the similarity with the final name in CIIC 227. Drumlohan VI: BIR MAQI MUCOI ROTTAIS, suggested the same name here. The -AIS/-AI genitive ending, of which there are a dozen or so examples, seems to belong to i̯o-stem or perhaps i-stem nouns, but we still do not have a fully satisfying explanation (Ziegler 1994, 55-58).

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