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CIIC 37. Lamoge II, Co. Kilkenny

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'of Dubthach grandson of Toltanach'


Although the beginning of this inscription seems to be a palimpsest, or possibly just a correction, the ultimately intended name is clear: DOVATUCI, later the commonly found name Dubthach (dub 'black' + suffix) (Ziegler 1994, 232, 170); http://www.dil.ie/19045. This name is also found in a bilingual inscprition from Clydai in Wales (CIIC 431): D[O]V[A]TUCEAS (Latin: DOBITVCI).

On the second angle, the grandfather's or ancestor's name TULOTANAGIA is also quite clear and derives from the adjective toltanach 'willing' (Ziegler 1994, 239); http://www.dil.ie/41353.

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