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CIIC 196. Rathmalode II, Co. Kerry

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This is one of the inscriptions listed by McManus (1991, 93-4) which appears to be among the earliest in the corpus showing no trace of vowel affection... or any of the developments postdating it. It may be dated to the first half, or the early second half, of the fifth century (McManus1991, 97).

In initial position in the personal name here is the commonly found divine name ERCA- (OI Erc, gen. Eirc, Erce), followed by -VICAS in final position. This element 'derives from the root *weik- found in Latin vinco, -ere 'to conquer' and OI fichid 'fights'... In Irish it usually combines with a divine name' (McManus 1991, 103-4, 178 n. 23).

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