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Coumlanders (COM AN LÓNDRAIGH), Co. Kerry

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of Rethgan son of Dub-?


The first element of the personal name RETA- 'is very likely a form of the divine name RITTA-, found in 250 RITTAVVECAS [Corkaboy], 211 RITTAVVECC [Kilcoolaght East] and iv RITTECC [Church Island]'. The second element -GIN is found elsewhere in the forms -GENI, -GINI, -GEN and ?-GINN (cf. 259 IVAGENI Éogan), but not in any other known ogham inscription in combination with a divine name. The name Rethgan does not appear to be attested later (McManus 1991, 72).

Vowel affection and apocope (loss of final consonants or syllables) are evident here in RETAGIN (earlier *RITAGENI). Consequently it may be approximately dated to the first half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 97).

DOV[INIAS] would be a tempting restoration of the final word considering that all but one of the inscriptions containing the tribal name DOVINIAS ('of Duibne') have been found on the Dingle peninsula, barony of Corkaguiney (Corcu Duibne/Corca Dhuibhne), which got its name from that tribe or sept (McManus 1991, 111). However, this interpretation would be improbable here following MAQI ('son of') rather than the usual MUCOI ('descendant of').

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