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CIIC 100. Ballyhank IV, Co. Cork

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'? of Olcán'


Macalister (1945, 97) interprets AB as 'Abbot', but McManus (1991, 61) sugests that the AB 'is best ignored.'

Olc 'evil' and diminutive suffix -agni (>-an(n)), cp. 467. Lewannick II, Cornwall (ULCAGNI with single C, also Latin inscription: VLCAGNI) and a further British inscription in Latin only (370. VLCAGNVS - in nom. after HIC IACIT, dating from the latter part of 5th century following Jackson's chronology of British inscriptions (McManus 1991, 64, 97). Old Irish olc/luch reflex of Indo-European word for 'wolf' (McCone 1985, 171-6).

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