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CIIC 118. Monataggart I, Co. Cork

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© 2016-10-22

© 2016-10-22




'of Fíachri descendant of Glún...?'


This is one of the inscriptions listed by McManus (1991, 96) in which syncope (dropping of internal vowels) begins to show itself (loss of vowel indicated by asterisk: VEQ*REQ, GLUN*LEGGET). Therefore, it may be dated to the late sixth or early seventh century (McManus 1991, 97).

VEQREQ: probably a compound of *veiko 'energetic, hostile' + 'king' (-RIGAS > REG > REC). Although we would rather expect *VECREG or later *VECREC, Early Old Irish Fechrech (see McManus 1986, 2-4). The same symbol (Q) being used for both guttural sounds is significant in that it shows that these sounds had already fallen together (McManus 1991, 116, 122). McManus (1986, pp 30-1), following Ferguson (1879, 207-10), suggests a possible reading CH (4 scores for C and 1 for H) /x/ rather than Q (5 scores).

MOQOI for MUCOI (here velar sound /k/).

GLUNLEGGET: unidentified tribal name (glún 'knee'? and ?).

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