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CIIC 141. Aglish I (AN EAGLAIS), Co. Kerry.

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National Monuments Service Record Number: KE054-032003-

Site Type




Aglish church site (KE054-032001-) and graveyard (KE054-032002-). This is a probable early church site with 2 ogham stones (see also CIIC 142) and a bullaun discovered in the graveyard. No trace of a church survives. (Cuppage et al, 258).


0.88m x 0.25m x 0.05m (converted from Macalister 1945, 137). As noted by Macalister (1945, 137), this slab has been 'trimmed' to make an 'early Christian tombstone', 'without any reference to the Oghams which it bore'. `One face of this stone bears a Maltese cross within a circle, beneath which is a spear-or arrow-like motif flanked on either side by a swastika' (Cuppage et al, 258). The swastika to the left, in particular, is now quite difficult to make out. Traces of the lower one of two very faint circular marks noted by Macalister below the shaft of the arrow are evident on the 3d model. The cross and other features described are inverted with respect to the ogham inscription.


on two angles, up-down (anti-clockwise). The beginning of the inscription, bearing the name of the person commemorated, is lost and only part of the father's name survives. Only a single notch of the I of the second MAQI survives and Macalister's (1945, 138) final A is not clear.


[ ... ] MAQI MAQỊ/[ ... ]ỌG̣GODIK[A]


'... son of Mac-...'


  • As noted by McManus (1991, 109) 'MAQ(Q)I-X names can be distinguished from the patronymic MAQ(Q)I X ['son of X'] type either by appearing first on the inscription (e.g. 40 MAQI-CAIRATINI AVI INEQAGLAS) or [as in this case] by being preceded by MAQ(Q)I ['son of'] or some other formula word'.

  • There is an example here of the use of the first supplementary character (or forfid). This character is used with two values: consonantal value /k/ or /x/ (usually transliterated K, as here between two vowels) and vocalic value /e/ (McManus 1991, 79).



Found by in the graveyard in the townland of Aglish, barony of Corkaguiney. (GPS coordinates, approximate location only -10.137728, 52.136060)


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Last Recorded

National Museum of Ireland (NMI Ref. W.1), Dublin. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie. (GPS coordinates -6.254558,53.340408)

History of Recording

Found by Richard Hitchcock in the graveyard in this townland. This stone was presented on his behalf to the Royal Irish Academy in 1848 by Bishop Graves (Macalister 1945, 137).


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