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CIIC 192. Martramane, Co. Kerry.

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National Monuments Service Record Number: DU018-395----

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This stone was found re-used in a modern context in the townland of Martramane. Early accounts suggest that it originally came from the Magharees Peninsula or perhaps even the Magharee Islands (see History of Recording below).


The top of the stone is fractured. 'According to Macalister there was a small and insignificant incised cross beside the opposite angle [just underneath the fracture] but this is not now discernible'. Sandstone, 1.15m x 0.30m x 0.18m (Cuppage 1986, No. 808; Macalister 1945, 185). Faint traces of what may be Macalister's cross can be seen on the 3d model.


Vertical, Up. 'Traces of a single score are visible about .09m above the D' (Cuppage 1986, No. 808).




'of Cennlachán/Cellachán son of D... '


  • The omission of a single vowel notch gives QENILOCGNI instead of an expected QENILOCAGNI (McManus 1991, 7).

  • QENN- (OI cenn `head'), cf. CIIC 170 QENILOCI (Cellach) and diminutive suffix -agni (>-an(n), Cennlachán/Cellachán) (McManus 1991, 103, 107).



Found acting as a lintel in a cottage in the townland of Martramane in the barony of Corkaguiney. Precise coordinates unknown. (GPS coordinates, approximate location only -10.019614, 52.257493)



Last Recorded

National Museum of Ireland (NMI Ref. W.7), Dublin. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie. (GPS coordinates -6.254558,53.340408)

History of Recording

Discovered by Hitchcock in 1848 acting as a lintel in a cottage. 'According to Windele it had previously served a similar function in a house in the neighbouring Magherabeg townland (OS 27), but Hitchcock was informed that it had been brought from one of the Magharee Islands (OS 19). Magherabeg occupies part of the Magharees Peninsula which extends N from Castlegregory and perhaps the confusion arises from the application of the same name to both peninsula and islands' (Macalister 1947, 184-5).


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