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CIIC 216. Whitefield II, Co. Kerry

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'of Gúasacht ...?'


GOSOCTEAS - EOIr Gósacht, gúas `danger' (McManus 1991, 108). This personal name also occurs in inscriptions from Lugnagappul, Co. Kerry (CIIC 190 GOSSUCTTIAS) and Garranmillon, Co. Waterford (CIIC 283 GOSACTAS).

Vowel affection in the case ending -EAS of GOSOCTEAS (rather than the earlier -IAS) would suggest a date of approximately the end of the 5th century (McManus 1991, 94, 97, 115). However, the uncertain form MOSAC would appear to have undergone apocope, which would suggest a later date.

Possible parallels for MOSAC occur on CIIC 327 in Crickhowel, Wales (Macalister 1945, 314-6) and in the form MOSEAC on an inscription from Underhill, Co. Cork (McManus 1991, 72-3, ix). Macalister (1945, 316) suggested the meaning 'boy' in the sense 'attendant' rather than 'son', corresponding to PVVERI in the accompanying Latin inscription on the Crickhowel stone. Although this word does appear to be in formula-word position here also, as opposed to appearing alone on the Underhill stone, the interrpretation remains tentative.

There is an example here of the use of the first supplementary character (or forfid). This character is used with two values: /k/ or /x/ (usually transliterated K, as here between two vowels) and vocalic value /e/ (McManus 1991, 79).

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