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CIIC 252. Gurrane, Co. Kerry

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'of Dumel? son of Glaisiuc nephew (sister's son) of C?'


With DUMELI 'we appear to have a masc. o- or yo-stem corresponding to 351 DALLVS DVMELVS (Welsh Dyfel). The later genitive Duimle (Ó Riain, 1985, 150 = 707.747), however, points to either a yo- or a (y)a-stem and the latter is suggested by 198 -DDUMILEAS [Coolmagort, Kerry], which seems to contain the same element' (McManus 1991, 180, n.50).

The persosnal name GLASICONAS is a compound of GLAS- 'light green, grey' and -CUNAS 'dog, hound, wolf' (McManus 1991, 102, 105).

McManus (1991, 109-10) gives a full discussion of the forms NIOT(T)A and NET(T)A 'nephew (sister's son), champion'. He also states that in case of this stone 'it has been suggested (see Charles-Edwards (1971, 120) and Ó Cathasaigh (1986, 144-145)) that the NIOTTA has the status of a formula word and serves to indicate the kindred membership of Dumel(i)as who, as son of a cú glas (witness the name GLASICONAS), an immigrant from outside Ireland, would have belonged to the kindred of his mother's brother. The theory is an attractive one though the equation of GLASICONAS with cú glas is tentative and the construction is isolated'.

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