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CIIC 256. Tinnahally II, Co. Kerry.

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'name/inscription of Tecán son of Déclán'


The E in the first name is represented by the first supplementary character (or forfid) with its /e/, rather than its consonantal value /k/ or /x/, usually transliterated K. With this vocalic usage, 'late linguistic features tend to be more frequent'. There is also 'a correlation with this usage and that of the ANM formula, which is also symptomatic of late date' (McManus 1991, 79; Swift 1997, 83-90)

McManus (1991, 92-3, 96) places this inscription late (possibly late sixth or early seventh century) in the sequence of Oghams on the basis of ANM and the fact that all endings are lost.

Regarding the varying vowel lengths in Tecán and Déclán, McManus (1991, 179, n. 38) noted that 'the E of the first name, which is known to be short, is written with the first supplementary character, which usually denotes short /e/, whereas that of the second is written the traditional way'.

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