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CIIC 26. Donaghmore , Co. Kildare

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'of Nad-Froích son of the descendant of Trianlug?'


NET(T)A 'champion' (later falling together with NIOT(T)A 'sister's son' when both became Nad-) is frequently found as an element in personal/kin group names (eg. NETA-SEGAMONAS on CIIC 263. Ardmore I and CIIC 300. Island). The second element of the name -VRECC is probably OIr. Fróech, fróech 'heather' (Cf. CIIC 12. Rathcroghan I). The same name appears on CIIC 271. (NETA-VROQI) at Stradbally, Co. Waterford and on CIIC 202. (NIO?TTVRẸCC), Coolmagort, Co. Kerry and 'all may be variants of an expected *NETA(S)-VROIC(I)' (McManus 1991, 110).

The kin group name is very uncertain but it does appear to start with TRE and the letters NALUGGO would fit with the available space and remains of scores (cf. NETTA-TTRENALUGOS in CIIC 120 Monataggart III, Co. Cork) (McManus 1991, 177, n.12).

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