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CIIC 285. Kilbeg, Co. Waterford

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'of Béoáed descendant of ?'


In this inscription the endings of the names are gone (BIVODON-AS, ATAR-I/AS), which may suggest a date in the middle or second half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 95, 97).

The personal name BIVODON (ModIr. Béoáed) contains the elements BIV- 'alive' and, one of the most frequently occurring elements in final position, -AIDONAS 'fire' (McManus 1991, 103, 105). The spelling -ODON, instead of -AIDON (cf. CIIC 504 BIVAIDONAS) may be due to 'rounding of the first element of a diphthong or a reduction of AI to /ә/' (McManus 1991, 118).

MUCOI ATAR is an example of an unidentified tribal name (McManus 1991, 112).

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