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CIIC 285. Kilbeg, Co. Waterford

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National Monuments Service Record Number: WA025-078----

Site Type

Possible Ecclesiastical



Possibly originated from Kilbarrymeaden early ecclesiastical site in the neighbouring townland, consisting of a church (in ruins) within a small rectangular graveyard and a double bullaun and well nearby (Moore 1999, 177).


Grit, 1.17m x 0.27m x 0.14m (converted from Macalister 1945, 280).


'inscribed on two angles (up-up)' (Macalister 1945, 280). Only faint traces of the T and R of ATAR are visible on the 3D model. The vowels are unclear.




'of Béoáed descendant of ?'


  • In this inscription the endings of the names are gone (BIVODON-AS, ATAR-I/AS), which may suggest a date in the middle or second half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 95, 97).

  • The personal name BIVODON (ModIr. Béoáed) contains the elements BIV- 'alive' and, one of the most frequently occurring elements in final position, -AIDONAS 'fire' (McManus 1991, 103, 105). The spelling -ODON, instead of -AIDON (cf. CIIC 504 BIVAIDONAS) may be due to 'rounding of the first element of a diphthong or a reduction of AI to /ә/' (McManus 1991, 118).

  • MUCOI ATAR is an example of an unidentified tribal name (McManus 1991, 112).



Found on farmland in 1874(?) (Barry 1896, 129) in Kilbeg townland in the barony of Decies without Drum. Precise location unknown.


GPS coordinates of possible original location National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie-7.323246,52.165161

Last Recorded

National Museum of Ireland (NMI Ref. RSAI - ), Dublin. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie. (GPS coordinates -6.254558,53.340408)

History of Recording

Discovered by a Dr. Martin of Portlaw in 1874(?) and presented to the RSAI museum in Kilkenny in 1875 (Barry 1896, 129).


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