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CIIC 242. Parkavonear, Co. Kerry

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National Monuments Service Record Number: KE066-016005-

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Aghadoe (Achadh Deo, see Logainm.ie) church ruin (three phases of construction but the W end is mid-12th century in date and includes a Romanesque doorway, KE066-016001-) and graveyard (KE066-016002-), in pasture, on a S-facing slope... A bullaun stone (KE066-016003-) is located outside the NW corner of the nave. A cross-slab (KE066-016004-) is situated to the NW of the nave, externally. The original location of the ogham stone (KE066-016005-) was to the SW of the church. A round tower (KE066-016006-) is situated in the NW sector (Extract from ASI database, www.archaeology.ie). A second ogham stone (KE066-016010-) was found lying in the NW corner of the church in the early 19th century but is now lost (CIIC 242a in Macalister 1945, 237-9).


1.54m x 0.26m x 0.18m (dimensions from 3d data). The stone is embedded horizontally into, and slightly raised above, the upper surface of the rebuilt S wall of the chancel. It is broken into three pieces and has been repaired with cement (Extract from ASI database, www.archaeology.ie). Note dimensions 1.68 x 0.25 x 0.15 converted from Macalister (1945, 237).


The inscription is along the N edge of the stone, as it is embedded. 'The B (except the tip) and the H-halves of the 1R1-4 are flaked away' (Macalister 1945, 237). Macalister's initial B tip cannot be discerned. Due to the break in the stone and the manner in which it was cemented together, it is impossible to tell how many vowels were originally between the BRR- and the -N (Macalister reads: BRRUANANN). Only three are now evident. Macalister fails to mention that the stone is in three fragments and his comment that 'Graves has contrived to convey the erroneous impression that the letters NANN were on a separate fragment' suggests that he didn't actually see the stone (1945, 237-8, note also the lack of a sketch or photo). If so his reading must be based on one of the earlier accounts, perhaps even before it was broken. One report of the stone from the early 1880s notes that it appeared 'still more fragmentary' after being 'placed horizontally on the south wall'.




'of Brénainn' or 'of Brénán'




The site of an ogham stone is indicated on the 1939 OS 6-inch map, c. 50m SSW of the ruins of Aghadoe church (KE066-016001-) in Parkavonear townland, in the barony of Magunihy. It probably refers to this stone but could also refer to the second ogham stone (CIIC 242a) now lost. (GPS coordinates -9.554751, 52.076337).



Last Recorded

On top of the S wall of the chancel of Aghadoe church (KE066-016001-) between a crucifixion plaque (KE066-016007-) to its E and an architectural fragment (KE066-016008-) to its W. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie. (GPS coordinates -9.554356, 52.076795)

History of Recording

recognised, 1804 Pelham, H. Macalister (1945, 238) mentions that the first reference he could find to the stone was in Graves's notebook in the RIA Library, where in 1872 Graves notes that he 'only found the final letters -NANN, and that the remaining portions were "supposed to be in a large heap of stones at the south of the church"'. By the early 1880s the fragments had been cemented together and to the top of the south wall of the church (Graves 1884, 312). Comments at this time suggest that a previously imperfect inscription was still more fragmentary at this stage. Other accounts from Allen 1892 (165) and 1906 (337) show confusion between this stone and the second now lost. However, Graves rubbed the -NANN fragment (in 1872) and also the other missing stone (in 1851), confirming that there were indeed two ogham stones (Macalister 1945, 238). Whether or not these were fragments of the same stone is not clear.


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