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Ratass, Co. Kerry

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'name/insciption of Sílán son of Fáithloga?'


Ó Corráin (Fanning and Ó Corráin 1977, 17) identifies the commemorand as Sílán mac Áedloga m. Domungein of the Uí Angáin who, he suggests could be placed in the eight or early ninth century. However, McManus has convincingly outlined why this identification is doubtful (McManus 1991, 71). Lankford (2006) notes a possible reflex in the the genealogies: Síl Faidloga (earlier Fáithloga, *VATTI + *LUGO) but if this is the same name then a final vowel must have been omitted in the inscription. However, considering that the second G is right at the top corner of the vertical angle, it is possible that damage to the very top of the stone may have resulted in the loss of a notch or two.

In this inscription all endings are lost, including in the formula word (MAQ, earlier MAQ(Q)I) but syncope has not yet taken place (VATTILLOGG). This may suggest a date of approximately the second half of the sixth century (McManus 1991, 96-7).

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