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CIIC 1083. Rathkenny I, Co. Kerry

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of Comgán descendant? of Essomuin?


'In COMMAGGAGNI we appear to have an earlier form of the name found on CIIC. 145 [Arraglen, Co. Kerry], viz. COMOGANN (later nom. Comgán)' (McManus 1991, 68).

With regard to the name (I)SAMMNN, McManus (1991, 68) suggests that 'if -MNN is an error for -MANN by the omission of a single vowel score, one might compare the later Samán ([from earlier] *Samagn-), but the appearence on the one inscription of both -AGNI [COMMAGGAGNI] and its later form ANN... would be unusual. Alternatively, -AMMNN might be post-apocope form of -AMNI, compare CIIC 125. VALAMNI, in which case we would probably have to do with a compound name (leg. ISAMMNN = later Essomuin? [DIL: es(s)amain (omun) 'fearless, bold, daring'])' (White 2016, 209-11). For what it is worth, there is no space between the I and S. Spacing was evidently used to distinguish Ms and Gs in this inscription but in general spacing between words in ogham, while frequently employed, was not consistent (see Moffatt 2011, 281-94).

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