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CIIC 185. Inishvickillane (INIS MHIC AOIBHLEÁIN), Co. Kerry

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Macalister's reading (1945, 179): [CO?]BB[A?] AVI VLATIAMI MAQ...


'... Uí Flaithim? [son of...]'


Although this inscription survives incomplete, it appears that the tribal name AVI VLATIAMI is followed by MAQ(QI) 'son of'. As McManus (1991, 171, note 17) has pointed out, this formula (X AVI Y MAQQI Z) is 'quite exceptional' in the ogham corpus.

The personal name VLATIAMI (if the correct reading) may correspond to the later attested name Flaithem 'ruler, prince', although an n-stem gen. (*VLATIAMONAS) would be expected (McManus 1991, 108, 179, note 45).

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