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CIIC 35. Tullaherin I , Co. Kilkenny

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National Monuments Service Record Number: KK024-062005-

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Tullaherin is an important early ecclesiastical site possibly to be equated with Tulach Inmuinn mentioned in the annals. The site is associated with saint Ciarán of Saigir and has an 11th-century round tower, an 11th-15th century ruined church and two ogham stones, one of which was discovered at nearby Loughboreen but is believed to have originated here (Manning 1998, 19-39).


Grit (Prim 1854, 86), 0.70m x 0.51m x 0.27m (Converted from Macalister 1945, 39). 'The stump of a pillar stone...the top of the stone is broken off and lost' (Macalister 1945, 39-40). There is also a distinctive cut on the face of the stone which Macalister dismisses as 'an oblique mark of no importance'. However, it bears some resemblance to those found on CIIC 206. Kilcoolaght East I, Co. Kerry; Ratass, Co. Kerry (described as being used as `a sharpening stone for knives and other blades'); Church Island, Co. Kerry (used for sharpening 'some broad bladed implement'); CIIC 57. Greenhill I, Co. Cork, where they have been described as 'hone scores' and to another on CIIC 19. Colbinstown I, Co. Kildare which has been described as 'a blade mark' (Newman 2009, 433-4)


Macalister records that 'the inscription was on two angles, probably up-top-down' (Macalister 1945, 39) but it is impossible to say when all that remains is less than three letters on one angle. He adds that 'the lettering is pocked in broad short scores, and is much clogged with lichen'. On the 3d model, all that is visible of Macalister's possible R are 2 scores crossing the stemline (more straight across than diagonal) and a partial third.


VI[R  ̣  ̣ ?   ̣  ̣]





Discovered standing close to the south wall of the church and 'nine paces' from the round tower (Prim 1854, 87) in the townland of Tullaherin and barony of Gowran. (Publicly accessible. GPS coordinates -7.129917, 52.579293)


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Last recorded

On site at Tullaherin. The present location of this stone may be accessed via the National Monuments Service Historic Environment viewer on www.archaeology.ie.

History of Recording

Reported by Prim in 1852.


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