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CIIC 5. Rusheens West, Co. Mayo

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'of Allatus son of Br...'


The personal name ALATTOS (gen. sg. of AL(L)AT(T)US), appears to be a substantivised form ('wild one') of the old Irish adjective allaid 'wild'. The name is also found in other ogham inscriptions with some variation in spelling with regard to L(L) and T(T): CIIC 215. ALATTO Whitefield, Co. Kerry ; CIIC 250. ALLATO Corkaboy, Co. Kerry and CIIC 224. ALOTTO Droumatouk, Co. Kerry. The example here is the only one displaying a pre-apocope ending -S, suggesting that it is the earliest and probably pre-6th century (McManus 1991, 103, 116). Only the first two letters of the father’s name (BR) survive. Although we cannot say what letters may have followed, two of the most common personal name elements found in ogham inscriptions which also start with BR are bran ‘raven’ and broc ‘badger’.

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